The Studio West: Classes

The Studio West is open with a very healthy line-up of Flow Yoga classes, led by a variety of experienced instructors…and more to be added soon.

Start your day off with Morning Flow Yoga at 6am Monday through Friday, or several other daily Flow Yoga classes every day throughout the week. All Flow Yoga classes during the week are 60 minutes.

Weekend Flow classes are 75 minutes to offer a little extra time on your mat.

Gentle Flow is offered on Tuesday evenings at 6:15pm, and Saturday mornings at 10am. Restore is offered on Thursday evenings at 6:15pm.

All classes in Studio B are heated to 95 degrees and 40% humidity.

Classes in Studio C are room temperature.

The Studio West:

(One block east of the Beltline at the Old Sauk Road exit.)

701 N. High Point Road

Madison, WI 53717



It’s the best of yoga…it moves with the breath, grooves with the body and lights up your soul.

Come on in and wring it all out.

Flow is heated to 95 degrees. Find out what a little heat can do for your practice.


Morning Flow

Morning yoga is a gift. It launches your day with strength, balance and calm…and opens you to your highest, most creative self. This class is held in our warm room, Studio B. (Although Studio B is typically 95 degrees, the Morning Flow class is often a touch cooler because we have not yet achieved full temperature at that time of day. Expect 85 to 90ish.)


Gentle Flow

A 60-minute yoga class that will take you through a gentle flow appropriate for beginners and anyone looking for a restorative practice in their day.

Gentle flow is held at 75 degrees.



Slow, mindful movement. This class will begin with a slow flow warm up, followed by restorative poses to ease tension in the whole body, ending with a long, sweet Savasana. 

Think of this class as your weekly re-set button.

Restore is held at 75 degrees.