Amanda Hoppe

AmandaHoppeBioPicI started dancing at the age of four, and immediately fell in love with body movement as a form of expression. I danced everywhere I went. The kitchen performance was a common occurance growing up. While enrolled at UW Madison, I trained and studied in their modern curriculum. However, after a serious accident at the age of 24, I wasn’t sure I’d walk or dance again.


That was the moment that led me to my yoga practice. The relief I found on my mat extended so much more beyond the physical, it was also a mental and emotional connection – much similar to that I had always felt dancing. I have dedicated the past 7 years to deepening my practice not only through challenging myself physically, but also challenging myself mentally to let go of perfection. I bring that same philosophy to my Barre and Yoga classes. Students will find a great physical and mental challenge, but also elements of fun and playfulness. I love the moments when you stop trying to be perfect – you really learn about your body and are able to listen to what it’s telling you