Autumn Bonner

Autumn Bonner became a student of yoga in 2004 to overcome a shoulder injury, and has felt the power of the practice in her life ever since. Her playful instruction and careful focus on both inner radiance and outer alignment creates a nourishing class for all levels:
“In yoga, we teach ourselves to connect with the breath, to hug our muscles in without clinging, and move with the attitude of self-love and non-attachment to the result. When I achieve this in my yoga practice, I have some of my most transformative experiences. That’s the beauty of practice, when we give just enough effort, but let go of the wants, shoulds, and coulds, we recognize that we are truly free.”

Autumn is honored to have studied with local yoga instructors Iris Mickey and Barbara Flesch, as well as nationally renowned yoga instructors Todd Norian and Ann Greene.  She is currently a student in the Madison Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and loves using yoga as a therapeutic tool.

In her free time, Autumn loves to play outside in any way she can. Among her passions are rock climbing, slacklining, and nordic skiing.

Why teach at The Studio:

“I’ve been looking at joining a yoga studio for a while as an instructor.  When my dear friend Sarah Higgins (also an instructor here) called and told me about the wonderful atmosphere here that encourages community and self-honoring, I knew I had found a place to land.   Coming on in Friday mornings, the candles lit, the studio warm — it feels like a sanctuary of love.”