Claire Peterson


Claire Peterson

“The struggle was unlike any challenge I had put my body through, but it also has the feeling of coming home. Maybe it was the heat or possibly the unwavering acceptance found in a yoga community, but it created a life long practice and dedication”, these were Claire’s sentiments upon completing her first yoga class in 2009.

Said dedication is to intertwine yoga into healthcare and therapy settings. “Call it a prescription for mindfulness”. After years of competitive sports, Claire realized through yoga that her biggest opponent was herself. Certified in the summer of 2014 through Inner Fire Yoga, after graduation from the University of Iowa a month earlier.

Graduating with a degree in Human Physiology and a minor in psychology, Claire tries to embody the mind body experience in a scientific way. Understanding that anatomically and physiologically we are not exact clones of one another she tried to teach her students that uniqueness is perfection. Perception is everything.


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