The Studio – Yoga Teacher Training

Alex Teacher Training


First 100 hrs – Foundations
June 12th,2014 – June 22nd
Second 100 hrs – Integration
August 15th, 2014 – August 24th


First 100 hrs – Foundations
June 11th,2015 – June 21st
Second 100 hrs – Integration
August 7th, 2015 – August 16th


FF Foundations:
February 20th-23rd, 2014
June 12th-15th, 2014
September 4th-7th, 2014

(All initial training weekends have a 6:30pm start time on Thursday evening and go through Sunday evening. All of your remaining weekends will only be Friday evening through Sunday evening.)


 The Studio’s – Yoga Teacher Training Program:

Yoga is handed down by passionate teachers, sharing their love for and knowledge of the practice. The Studio is offering a rich, mindful 200 hour yoga teacher training in our sacred space.

This is not a cookie cutter approach. You will develop a full toolbox of fundamentals—postures, breath work, meditation, anatomy, sequencing, philosophy, history, adjustments, and the business of yoga. But as important, you’ll go deep, discovering your own essence…that which makes you a unique force in this world. You’ll find and develop your voice. You’ll learn to be fully present in a classroom. Because this is what will touch and inspire your students. Knowledge combined with authenticity, honesty, presence. A teacher with the heart of a teacher.

This training is for those who wish to become teachers and those who simply desire the profound, transformative experience the program offers. Existing teachers who want to deepen their practice and teaching are also warmly welcome.

This program is NOT for students who are only interested in a quick certification or a spa-like vacation.  We’re interested in working with students who have a genuine desire to grow, teach and/or take their physical practice and lives to a deeper place. These students will possess a sense of grace, humility, respect and love for the art of yoga.

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Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Catalog (PDF)

Weekend Module Teacher Training Catalog (PDF)


Required Reading Material:

‘Scientific Keys Volume I : Key Muscles of [Hatha] Yoga’  By Ray Long
‘Hatha Yoga Illustrated’  By Brooke Boone & Martin Kirk
‘Anatomy Trains’  By Thomas Myers
‘Getting Real’ By Susan Campbell, PH.D
‘The Power of Focusing’ By Ann Weiser Cornell, PH.D.




Full 200 hours: $3300
If signing up for 100 hours at a time: $1750 per 100 hours
Deposit: $200 due at registration, all payments due in full by June 1st, 2014 (August 1st, 2014 for the Integration Intensive).

Early bird discount if registered by May 1st, 2014:
200 hours: $3100
100 hours: $1650
Applications Due to The Studio no later than June 1st, 2014 for Summer offering.



Full 200 hours (14 modules): $3250
(Saves $656 to $1356 vs. pay-as-you-go)

Pay-as-you-go. Cost per module (14 modules):

Early bird rate:                          $279

After early bird rate:                $329

Early Bird deadline due by February 1st. Applications Due to The Studio no later than February 10th, 2014 for February 20th start date. 

Contact Us if you have any questions.