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To better help us advise and keep up-to-date with your training process, are
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Are you applying for the Intensive Program (two, ten day intensives to complete the 200 hour training) OR our Weekend Modular Program?
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Are you hoping to complete the Weekend Yoga Teacher Training program in 1 year, 1.5 years or 2 years? (disregard if you are choosing the Intensive route)

How did you learn about The Studio Yoga Teacher Training program? Please list all that apply.


Medical History

Please complete the medical history section below so that we can be sure to
respond to any emergencies should they occur during your training and
address any contraindications. Please note that none of your responses will
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How would you evaluate your current health?
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Do you have any of the conditions below?
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Within the last two years have you been under the care of a physician or
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Please list medications you are taking prescribed by your physician or
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About You: Your Personal Application Letter

You must include a Personal Letter with this application. This letter is a minimum of one standard page long. This document should express who you are as a yogi (yoga practitioner) and who you are as a person. Feel free to include significant events and inspirations (including people, artists, writers, historical moments, etc.) that have shaped who you are today. How long you’ve practiced Yoga? Who are your primary teachers? Do you practice meditation or pranayama? Have you done other trainings or in-depth studies? What are your expectations of the training? What do you hope to achieve by the end of the program?

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*By sending in this application form you are registering for The Studio – Yoga Teacher Training program (either 100 or the full 200 hours). A $200 deposit will need to be made with the application before it is reviewed. By filling out this form you are also agreeing to the two documents below: ‘Video Release Form’ and ‘Final Checklist’. You will sign a paper copy of both of these on the first day of training.

Video Release Form (PDF)
Final checklist (PDF)